Low-cost housing programme – USA

Typical foreclosure home in Detroit

Typical foreclosure home in Detroit

We are delighted to add this really exciting product to our portfolio. It offers excellent returns for the investor but also helps communities rebuild after the massive foreclosures that the US has experienced. It is a unique, ethical investment in a low-cost US housing programme.

The strapline of the company is “where profit and ethics unite” which sums this investment up so nicely.

Houses are bought from banks at very low-cost and refurbished (within 14 days) whilst legals are being prepared, then sold to pre-qualified families with low rate mortgages waiting to move. This allows a quick turnaround and crucially increases cashflow to allow further properties to be acquired and continue the cycle. The intention is to purchase, refurb and sell in excess of 40,000 homes in the next 3 years. With over 6,000,000 homes in foreclosure there is plenty of stock and choice to make sure the properties are bought at the right price and need little refurbishing to maximise profit for the company and investors.

Typical cost is £25,000 to buy, small refurbishment costs and sell on for around £50,000

Reasons we recommend this product:

  1. Simple concept
  2. Low entry level of just £10,000 with no upper limit
  3. It is a UK company working with US partners
  4. Exit strategy after 3 years
  5. Helps community regeneration
  6. Fantastic returns on investment of 15% P.A., 100% of capital return and 100% bonus (e.g. £20,000 invested returns £9,000 + £20,000 + £20,000 = £49,000)
  7. Investment returns are paid in GBP so no risk of currency fluctuations
  8. Is SIPP approved

Affinity Investments Ltd does not provide advice on SIPPs direct, NOR does IT offer financial advice and are not authorised by the FSA. We will introduce all interested clients to an FSA authorised firm for this purpose.

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