Overseas Land


One of 4 designs approved for build


“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore” – Mark Twain.



What better place to do this than in a piece of paradise; The Cayman Islands.

The developer has bought several pieces of land in the Cayman’s one of which is Cayman Brac which has been split into just 311 plots from 10,500 sq ft from a starting price of only £49,995

We have sold several of these plots in the last 12 months and clients have already seen an increase of over £10,000 and that is against the developer selling price not the actual value of the land when sold in isolation.

Reasons we promote this product:

  1. The island is only 12 miles by 2 miles and only 35% has been designated for residential building, it will run out soon and values will inevitably rise
  2. It is not reliant on tourism
  3. Politically stable with the highest standard of living in the Caribbean and minimal crime
  4. Democratic British Overseas Territory with investor-friendly property ownership with UK common law, including no restrictions on foreign ownership of land and buildings
  5. The land comes with planning permission which does not expire as part of the investment
  6. The build of the property starts at £130,000 and can be financed over TEN years interest free
  7. You can buy the land and do not have to build, so you can just sit on the investment and see it increase in value
  8. No income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains and no tax on non–domestic residency
  9. Land title guaranteed by Government
  10. It can be bought with cash or 3 years interest free payments with just a 20% deposit
  11. It is SIPP approved

Affinity Investments LTD does not provide advice on SIPPs direct, NOR does IT offer financial advice and are not authorised by the FSA. We will introduce all interested clients to an FSA authorised firm for this purpose.

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