• Pre-fabricated standard units (20ft X 8ft) can be extended to larger units (20ft x 16ft) at the site by using the proprietary unique “collapsible” structure. Living space is doubled at the site without incurring transit costs for two standard shipping containers.
  • Flexible: Modular accommodation with options of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. Units can accommodate single people or larger families and can be stacked up to 2 storeys – enabling higher density of accommodation. Units can be easily disassembled & relocated to other areas at short notice.
  • “Plug-n-play”:Freedom units can be rapidly deployed at the site as they only need utility, water and sewage mains connection. Project sites can be made operational in hours.
  • Self-contained: Kitchen and shower facilities are included. Optional features include LED.
  • Solar and a multi-fuel cooking facility to enable occupiers to cook basic staples like rice and bread.
  • A 15-year warranty means that the units can be re-deployed during their life-cycle.
  • UK based production facility which ensures quality, consistency and reliability.
  • Eco-measures: Units are fitted with a proprietary power management system, an auto-ventilation system, LED lights, solar PVs and eco-appliances to reduce energy bill and lower carbon footprint.
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